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Infrapatellar Bursitis (Prevention and Treatment)

Infrapatellar Bursitis Overview

Infrapatellar bursitis is the inflammation of the infrapatellar bursa, which is located just below the kneecap. It is a common cause of knee pain and swelling among persons whose work involves kneeling on hard surfaces. Depending on the occupation affected it is known by a variety nick-names, most commonly floor layers’ knee, but also plumbers’ knee, clergyman’s knee, and housemaids’ knee.

woman holding sore kneeInfrapatellar Bursitis

Infrapatellar Bursitis Prevention

Because wear on the joint traces to the structures that support it (the legs, and ultimately, the feet), proper fitting shoes with adequate support are important to preventing Infrapatellar Bursitis. For someone who has flat feet, wearing proper orthotic inserts and replacing them as often as recommended are also important preventive measures.
Strength in the core and legs is also important to posture, so physical training also helps to prevent Infrapatellar Bursitis. But it is equally important to avoid exercises that damage the knee.

Bursitis Treatment Recommendation

Non-surgical treatments generally fall into two categories: physical exercise and supplements.  Surgery can be an impossibility for a lot of people.  Most people who suffer from the symptoms associated with this condition will find the maximum benefit from a combination of both.  If you are not ready to consider surgery, your best bet is to follow the exercises on this website and if you would like to consider supplements, we recommend trying an all natural joint pain relief supplement like Flexcin.  which is based on research done by Dr. Harry Diehl, who did some fascinating studies into arthritis in lab rats.  From his breakthrough discoveries he developed a chemical compound called Cetyl-Myristoleate, or CM8,  which is the patented ingredient in Flexcin (they also sell similar products for Dogs and Horses if you are interested).